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The Best Smart Scales

The Best Smart Scales

Smart bathroom scales do the weight-tracking work for you, no typing or pen and paper required. After more than six months of researching and stepping on and off a dozen scales (a total of 35 hours and more than 550 weigh-ins), we’ve found that the Eufy BodySense Smart Scale is the best smart scale available today, with an app that’s simple to use and a reasonable price.

We found the Eufy BodySense Smart Scale to be more precise (gives the same reading consistently, without appearing to replicate a weight from memory) than any other smart scale we tested, and accurate to within four tenths of a pound. The app doesn’t display weight-loss goals, making it a good choice if you simply want to track your weight or will find congratulatory notifications when you drop a fraction of a pound annoying. The scale also measures body-fat percentage, and though readings from a platform scale are not terribly accurate, they can be useful for tracking trends. The display lights up and is easy to read, and the app is easier to navigate than most other smart-scale apps. We liked that body-fat percentage measurements show up in the app rather than crowding the scale’s display. The scale’s platform is on the smaller side, and though the app needs to be open to collect data, connectivity issues were minimal compared with other scales we tested. The white version of the scale is less prone to showing footprints and water stains than the glossy black finish (which is the only option for many smart scales). This is a recently launched product from a popular brand, so we wouldn’t be surprised if this scale may be a bit difficult to get your hands on for the next few months.

If the Eufy is out of stock, or you’d prefer a larger platform, or you’d like an app that encourages you to meet a weight-loss goal, the Weight Gurus Bluetooth Smart Scale is a good value for a smart scale. It does sync your weight data and body-fat percentage over Bluetooth to its mobile app, which is well-designed, and can now connect to third-party mobile apps. This scale has the largest and nicest display of the scales we tested and a platform that’s larger than our main pick’s. The app is more goal-oriented than our top pick’s: It keeps track of how close you are to a weight-loss goal and displays a calendar of how often you’ve weighed in, features that you may find helpful—or annoying.


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