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Your Wish, Her Command

Genie is fully integrated with the Alexa voice-control system.
She tells you the news, weather, sports scores, and your calendar.
And with ever-expanding skills she provides thousands of services: music,
smart-home control, food delivery, car calling, and much more.

Small Size, Big Sound

Genie’s sound is as powerful as her brain. An audio driver using HiFi-grade material delivers powerful and clear sound. And even when music is playing, you’ll be heard from across the room thanks to far-field voice recognition.

An Exceptional Listener
The AudioSmart® far-field voice processor detects sound in 360°, isolates and removes noise, then utilizes echo cancellation to hear your voice during loud music playback or voice prompts.
  • Aluminum-Alloy Driver
    Strengthened sound with minimal distortion.
  • Advanced Sound Processor
    Professional DSP delivers dynamic audio and punchy bass.
  • Vertical Audio Configuration
    Sound expands through 360°, filling the entire room.

Your Dance Partner

Genie energizes and invigorates all types of music. After all, what use are all the songs in the world if you can’t dance along?

Let Genie Take Control

Just ask and Genie will command RoboVac 11c and Lumos Smart Bulbs to ensure your house is cleaned and illuminated to your liking. Utilizing Alexa voice-control, Genie also works seamlessly with other smart home devices.

Control All Devices That Work With Alexa