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  • Hello Eufy Genie

    Eufy Genie is a voice-controlled smart speaker with Amazon's intelligent Alexa voice assistant built in. It uses hands-free voice recognition technology similar to Amazon Echo and Echo Dot. Just say the wake word "Alexa" and Genie plays music, controls your smart home devices, answers your questions, sets alarms and calendars, reports the weather, tells you news and sports updates, and more. A few things that Eufy Genie can do are: 1. Get information 2. Play music 3. Play audiobooks 4. Order food 5. Control connected home devices 6. Review your calendar events
  • Set up your Eufy Genie

    Inside the box, you'll find Eufy Genie, a power adapter, a 3.5mm AUX cable(5ft), an owner's manual and a safey sheet. 1. Eufy Genie: Your Eufy Genie device. Please download the EufyHome app to set up your Eufy Genie. 2. Power adapter: Use the adapter to connect Eufy Genie to a power outlet. Eufy Genie will automatically turn on when plugged in. 3. 3.5mm Aux cable: You can connect Eufy Genie to an external speaker with the supplied AUX cable. For best performance, make sure the external speaker is placed as far away from Eufy Genie as possible. 4. Owner's manual: Some basic introuductions and troubleshooting tips when using Eufy Genie.