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The Eufy HomeVac S11 is cordless, battery-operated, shockingly lightweight and maneuverable, and perfect for those tough-to-reach corners as well as all that random Cheerio dust.

Our favorite aspect of the Eufy HomeVac S11 Infinity is that it’s versatile.

The Strategist
(New York Magazine)

With the wall mount and all of the available attachments located right by the vacuum, the S11 is very convenient. It’s great for cleaning up after messy kids at the dinner table and is easy to clean afterward.

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Meet eufy Fam

We love our Eufy ❤️. It is a great little machine that vacuums our rooms while we are busy doing other tasks. We are always intrigued about how much it collects every time we use it.


The Robo hoover that has changed my life, no exaggeration. No more countless hours obsessing over ‘bulldog glitter’


She's the best addition to my family 🥰 Janet is a Smart Vacuum cleaner & I can't tell you how fast she cleans around the house. Not only does she work her magic on the tiles, but she's also carpet-friendly.