Humos Air 1.0

Humos Air 1.0
The Automatic Ultrasonic Humidifier
From Eufy, the brand that lights up your life
• Delightful solutions that make your house a home
• Smart technology and innovative design that make your life easier
• Created by the same team as Anker—renowned for exceptional quality and innovation

Efficient and Quiet Operation
Ultrasonic cool mist technology fills up to 260 square feet with refreshing and humidified air. Runs for up to 24 hours on low-mist setting.

Safer and Hygienic Environment
Advanced zeolite filter removes microorganisms and mineral deposits from the water, preventing unwanted contaminants from being released into the air.

Humos automatically shuts off when water level is low for complete

Year-Round Comfort
Switch between warm and cool mist for comfort in any season. Humos helps solve health and wellness issues caused by dry air, including dry skin, chapped lips, throat irritation, dry coughs, and nosebleeds.

Healthier and Happier Home
Humos's warm mist setting has the added benefit of reducing bacteria growth by heating the water before being released as mist.

Feather-Touch Controls
Large, high sensitivity buttons make adjusting Humos a breeze. Even with your hands full.

Worry-Free Warranty
At Eufy, we believe in our products. That's why we back them all with an 15-month warranty and provide friendly, easy-to-reach support.

Note: Mist becomes warm five minutes after heating function is turned on. Mist is warmer at the nozzle and becomes cooler as it dissipates.

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