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Smart Plug Mini

The Mini Outlet That Makes Devices Smart
  • No Hub Required
  • Portable Power Switch
  • Minimal Space Required
Color: White

Use Alexa to control other Eufy smart home devices and more brands that work with Alexa.

Plug your Smart Plug Mini into an outlet.

Connect Smart Plug Mini to the Internet using the EufyHome app.

No Hub Required

Eufy Smart Plugs have Wi-Fi capabilities built-in, so just install, setup via the EufyHome app, and use. This is smart living made simple.


  • 2AB7K-T1202
  • 85 g / 0.19 lbs
  • 80 x 38 x 55.7 mm / 3.1 x 1.5 x 2.2 in
Rated Output
  • AC 120 V,60Hz,15 A,Max. 1800 W
Rated Input
  • AC 120 V,60Hz,15 A


Can Smart Plug be plugged into a power outlet with only two slots?
No. Smart Plug can only be plugged into power outlets with three slots.
Can I manually turn on/off the device(s) plugged into Smart Plug?
Can the Smart Plug also be used to brighten and dim the lights?
No. Smart Plug does not have a dimmer feature.
Does Smart Plug block the other outlet on socket panel?
No. By design, if you plug Smart Plug into the top outlet, the bottom outlet will be available for use.


  • Manual