Smart Switch

The Multi-Functional Light Switch
  • Voice Controlled
  • Premium Materials
  • Multi-Purpose Lighting
Color: White

Control Your Home

Use Alexa to control other Eufy smart home devices and more brands that work with Alexa.

Instant Daily Updates

Access your calendar, set alarms, and get the latest news, weather, and sports updates.

Unlimited Services

Order food or call a ride without touching your smartphone.

Get Answers

Ask any question and hear the reply.


  • 145 g / 0.32 lbs
  • 127.4 x 84 x 43.4 mm / 5.02 x 3.31 x 1.71 in
Rated Output
  • AC 120 V,60Hz,15 A,Max. 1800 W
Rated Input
  • AC 120 V,60Hz,15 A


RESTART button has any effect?
If Smart Switch does not respond, press the RESTART button to restart it. This is the equivalent of turning off the power to Smart Switch and then turning on the power back on.
Can Smart Switch be installed if a Ground wire is not available?
Yes. Smart Switch can be installed and will work properly if a Ground wire is not available.
Can Smart Switch be installed if a Netural wire is not available?
No. Smart Switch requires at least three wires work properly: Live, Load, and Neutral.
Can I manually turn on/off the device(s) wired to Smart Switch using the switch on Smart Switch?
Yes. When Smart Switch is connected to the electrical system properly, you will be able to control the device(s) wired to Smart Switch manually.


  • Manual