SpaceView Baby Monitor
The Pioneering In-Home HD Baby Monitor

12-Month Warranty

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Product FAQ
Is there a zoom feature?

You can zoom 1.5x to 2x times.

Why is Wi-Fi not supported?

A stable FHSS connection ensures real-time communication and monitoring of your baby, even if your home’s Internet connection is down

Why is the battery not user replaceable?

The 2900mAh battery is built-in is used to ensure a flatter, thinner, and more portable monitor.

How durable is the monitor’s built-in kickstand?

The kickstand is tested to withstand a minimum of 3000 operations.

The video displayed on the monitor is black and white.

Please check if the night vision feature has been turned on. If it is turned on, turn off the night vision feature.

Why is there a reserved microSD card slot?

It is reserved for future development and feature updates.

How many cameras can one monitor support?

Up to 4 cameras can be supported at once. (Split mode not supported).

Firmware Updates
software2020-07-163.89MT8300 Spaceview V3.4.0 EN & ES
software2020-07-164.11MT8300 Spaceview V3.4.0 DE & FR & ES
software2020-07-164.11MT8321 Video Baby Monitor 720P V3.4.0 DE & FR & ES
software2020-07-163.89MT8321 Video Baby Monitor 720P V3.4.0 EN & ES