RoboVac 11S MAX
Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Super-Thin, 2000Pa Super-Strong Suction, Quiet, Self-Charging Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Cleans Hard Floors to Medium-Pile Carpets, Black
Product FAQ
Is the voltage universal? Does RoboVac come with a charger for my region?

Robovac works with the voltages from 100 - 240V; a charger for the region it is sold in is in the packaging. If you want to use your RoboVac in other countries, you will need to use a plug adapter.

What's the BoostIQ™ feature?

The BoostIQ™ feature automatically increases the suction power if it detects stronger power is needed to ensure the best clean, which is ideal for cleaning thicker carpets and hard-to-clean messes.

How do I identify if RoboVac is using the BoostIQ™ feature?

RoboVac 11S Max is in the BoostIQ™ mode by default, which you can see on the display of the remote control. To change the default suction power to Auto Cleaning mode, just press the ""fan"" icon repeatedly to adjust the suction power level. The power level's corresponding icon is displayed on the remote controller.
When RoboVac starts cleaning in Auto or Single Room mode the next time, it will clean according to the suction power level you previously selected.

How long will RoboVac clean after a full charge?

A fully-charged RoboVac will clean approximately 100 minutes in Standard Mode on hard floors.

How long does it take RoboVac to charge from 0-100%?

About 5-6 hours.

What is the lowest height RoboVac can pass under?

The lowest height RoboVac can pass under is 2.87 in/ 73 mm.

Can I use one remote control to control more than one RoboVac at the same time?

RoboVac is controllerd via infrared technology from the remote control. One remote control can control more than one RoboVac at the same time.

Where should I use RoboVac?

1. Use only indoors and on dry surfaces.
2. For optimum performance. It is not recommended to use RoboVac on thick (total thickness over 26 mm /1.02 in) or plush carpets
3. Do not use on very dark-colored floors.
4. Do not leave trailing cables as RoboVac may become entangled in them.
5. Do not use it on the carpets that have tassels, as the tassels may entangle RoboVac.

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