Video Doorbell 2K (Wired)

eufy Security Wi-Fi Video Doorbell, 2K Resolution, Real-Time Response, No Monthly Fees, Secure Local Storage, Free Wireless Chime, Power Adapter with 5M Long Cable Included (Requires Penetrating Wall to Install)

  • A Crystal-Clear 2K Image: High Definition 2560 x 1920 resolution, combined with our advanced HDR and Distortion Correction, ensures video is recorded in 2x the quality.
  • No Hidden Costs: Designed to protect your home as well as your wallet, eufy Security products are one-time purchases that combine security with convenience.
  • Respond in Real-Time: Speak directly to anyone who approaches your front door via two-way audio. Tell your friends to come round the back or that you have just run out to get some milk.
  • The Alerts Which Matter: With AI technology and our sophisticated algorithm, the camera intelligently detects body shape and face pattern. Ensuring you are only alerted when a human, and not a stray cat, is at the door.
  • Free Electronic Chime Included: Supports 8 fun and holiday-themed ringtones and adjustable volume level. Note: The doorbell requires Existing Doorbell Wires at 16-24 VAC, 30 VA, or above.

£179.99VAT Included
Color: Black

Storage you can trust

The military-grade AES-256 chip ensures data is encrypted on transmission and storage.

A Clear View

HDR imaging ensures high clarity for backlit or low-light scenarios, providing a clear image day and night.

See More

eufy Security Video Doorbell uses a 4:3 aspect ratio to offer a bigger viewable area from top to bottom.

Who’s there?

Receive facial snapshot notifications so that you can quickly check who is at the door.

Smart Detection Zones

Activity Zone allows you to customize the areas in which the camera will detect motion. Set the Activity Zone to suit your home so you only receive the alerts you care about.

See the Whole Picture

View 3 seconds of footage prior to the initial alert. Gain a clearer picture of what happened and increase the likelihood of criminal identification.

Interaction Made Easy

Record and set up to 3 instant responses. When you are notified of activity simply select one of you pre-recorded responses to interact and give instructions.

“Hey Google, show me my front door”

Connect your Doorbell to Google Voice Assistant or Amazon Alexa and check in anytime on what's happening outside your home.

Model Number: T8200

eufy Security Video Doorbell

From eufy, the home security brand where privacy comes first.

• Comprehensive Safety Solutions for Your Home

• Created by the same team as Anker—renowned for exceptional quality and innovation

Protects You, Your Family, and Your Privacy

Every eufy Security product is engineered to ensure your security data is kept private. Have peace of mind that you will have a secure record of everything that happens around your home.

See Who’s There Before the Ring

Get instant alerts for anyone who approaches, even if they don’t press the doorbell. Interact with visitors by talking in real-time or via pre-set responses.

“Alexa, show me my front door”

Connect your Doorbell to Alexa or Google Assistant and check-in anytime on what's happening outside your home.

Interaction Made Easy

Record and set up to 3 instant responses. When you are notified of activity, simply select one of your pre-recorded responses for a simple way to interact and give instructions.

What’s included:

Video Doorbell 2K (Wired), Screw Hole Positioning-Card, Mounting Bracket, 15° Wedge, Jumper for Existing Chime, Extension Wires, Screw Packs, Doorbell Detaching Pin, Electronic Doorbell Chime, Doorbell Power Pin, Quick Start Guide.




Video Doorbell 2K (Wired)

Video Doorbell (Battery-Powered)

Image Quality

2K Resolution (2560x1920), HDR, Distortion Correction

SONY Sensor, 2K Resolution (2560x1920), WDR

Power Options

Existing Doorbell Wiring (16-24VAC, 30VA or above)

Built-in Battery (180-day battery life) or Existing Doorbell Wiring (8-24V)

Smart Detection

Human Body and Face Detection

Human Body and Face Detection

3s Pre-buffer


Video Storage Location

4GB, On Doorbell

16GB, On HomeBase

Doorbell Chime

1. Free indoor chime. 2. Alexa Echo device as a chime.

1. HomeBase speaker as a chime. 2. Alexa Echo device as a chime. 3. Compatible with existing chime. (Hardwired)

Suitable for

1. Houses with existing doorbell wires. 2. Users who are comfortable to handle the wiring.

1. Houses without existing doorbell wires. 2. Users who don't want to handle the wiring.

Doorbell Dimensions

4.8in x 1.7in x 0.9in

5.5in x 2.1in x 1.1in

Operating Temperature

-4°F - 122°F (-20°C - 50°C)

-4°F - 122°F (-20°C - 50°C)

*Based on tests conducted by the eufy Testing Lab


Does the video doorbell require existing doorbell wiring?
Yes, the video doorbell draws power from existing doorbell wiring. The voltage requirement is 16-24VAC and the output power is 30VA or above, which is very common in most house doorbell wiring. The doorbell will indicate red LED if the voltage is too low.
Is the video doorbell powered by battery?
No, the wired video doorbell has more advanced features, like the 3s pre-buffer and no wake-up time. Also, the doorbell dimensions can be very slim, fitting into narrow door frames.
Is the video doorbell compatible with existing doorbell chime?
Not this case. To make installation and compatibility simple, the doorbell requires you bypass the existing doorbell chime. It’s as simple as connecting a jumper on the chime. The product comes with an electronic chime to notify people in the house.
Can the video doorbell record 24x7?
No, the doorbell doesn’t support 24x7 recording for now. The 3s pre-buffer let you see the whole picture prior to the initial alert.


  • Manual

    Video Doorbell 2K (Wired)_Quick Start Guide


  • Declaration of Conformity

    Video Doorbell 2K (Wired)_DOC