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Awesome product!

I am very happy with my Robovac! Been using it over a week now and I am still suppriesed at how much dirt it collects since its running every evening! And I was consurned that it would struggle with the rug I have in the lounge, but it manages to get onto it with ease! Really safisfied with it!

Joel D.


Excellent robot vacuum!

Brilliant little robot. It even get onto a quite long shaggy rug and cleans it fine all be it a lot slower than on carpet and bare floors. When the robot is running low on battery it will go into low power mode where it stops hoovering and finds its way back home to charge.




This little vacuum robot exceeded my expectations. It has an impressive amount of maneuvers to get into all kinds of places, it is super quiet and really efficient. Even the edges of rooms are done well with the little spinning brushes flicking all the muck into its path. Very good.

Anker debuts robot vacuum

Eufy’s Robovac 30C is the latest, beefed-up and somewhat smarter version of the Robovac 11S Boost IQ model, an affordable robot vacuum that isn’t long on extra features but gets the job done on carpeting and hardwood floors. The Robovac 11S received a favorable “Recommended Product” rating when Digital Trends reviewed it.

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